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Hong Kong was an amazing experience, a place I had really wanted to visit since my days at university


On my way through to Cambodia to visit my brother I had a scheduled stopover in Hong Kong with Cathy Pacific airlines and decided to arrange a two day layover to explore the city.  My goal was not do too much research before leaving, take it as it comes, try develop a personal feeling for the place and try document it.


wasn't disappointed, from walking the streets at three in the morning, exploring with my tripod to experiencing the architecture of the island, the wonder was always accompanied with a sense of freedom and safety to explore.

The light of the night and the vibrancy of the city stood out to me, there is something in the light in South East Asia that I haven't experienced anywhere else. These are a series of photos on my first night on the mainland side of Hong Kong.

Using a variety of on camera techniques such as black carding, light painting and longer exposure times, each photograph is a single captured frame.

Its not about the longest exposure times, but about capturing the unpredictability of the various interacting factors .

I am already not planning another visit

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