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Visiting my brother in Cambodia over the past six years as he established himself with his restaurants the Common Tiger and the Tigers Eye, I always enjoyed my visits to Phnom Penh and the local contact.  With a sense of Africa to it Phnom Penh was, and still is, both familiar and foreign at the same time, a vibrant, active, urban environment.

Like many other countries in the region, Cambodia is currently under large scale redevelopment and the dynamic nature of rapid globalization overlaying colonial planning and backdrops mixing with local cultural practices is further stimulating the social development.


It is a city experienced with the masses on foot, on the back of a moto or in a tuk tukexposed to the city, its smells, colours and people. 

I bought my first dslr here, on my first visit, and I've always tried to find a way to really capture the city,its people and its culture.


A movement that has always interested me is impressionism and its attempts to communicate a sense of place and time through the artists impression of movement and light, through a static image, a moment in space can be conveyed and I have been working on way to do the same with a photograph.


These photos attempt to capture something in the nature of the experience, 


Using a variety of on camera techniques such as black carding, light painting and longer exposure times, each photograph is a single captured frame.

Its not about the longest exposure times, but about capturing the unpredictability of the various interacting factors .

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