From experimenting while young with various art forms and techniques such as sketching, etching, lino cuts and lithographs to painting and printmaking, creative processes of self expression and personal interpretation mixed with technical knowledge and experience were important factors in Peters development and approach to art 

After high school in 1999, looking for inspiration to marry his various interests, Peter spent a year working and traveling through Europe where various experiences led him to architecture and completing his Architectural masters at the University of Cape Town in 2007. 

This is where he discovered photography, after a friend immigrating to Australia gifted him an old film camera, and how through using a variety of formats, analogue and digital, and on camera techniques such as movement, black carding, light painting or adjusted exposure times each photograph could become a unique statement of expression not limited to simple representation.

His interest in incorporating techniques that could result in abstraction were further inspired by a piece of writing by the philosopher Hegel, who when looking at architecture, classified it as the lowest form of the arts as it used the most means to convey its expression and poetry as the highest form as it potential use of simple sounds relied on the listeners engagement and own experience to find completion. In photography Peter found a similar challenge, using a medium of literal recording and reproduction in a way that could engage the user to find its completion.

After a decade of architectural practice, and completing a number of large commercial projects around the end of 2017, Peter decided to pursue his other passion, photographic art full time.